Lighting Room Control


Take control of your room space!

In a world where easy access and reliability is highly valued it is only practical to have Smart Solutions within your lighting system and room occupancy. IoT Energy’s Smart Lighting Room Control Solution is an integrated system for the control of room terminal equipment, lighting, and occupancy. This solution allows for the ultimate level of comfort and convenience for the occupants within a given space such as hotel rooms, conference rooms, or warehouse space, while increasing service cost savings. All aspects of this unique solution are managed by IoT Energy, from installation time and equipment necessities to energy consumption analyses.


Device/App Based IoT Room Control

  • IoT Energy’s tools provided within the space allow the occupants to modify room temperature, contact room service and maintenance, control television, check flight information, access city guides, turn on lighting, open or close the curtains or blinds, time a wake-up call, and book various appointments across the city.
  • The downloaded applications can also perform concierge duties and opens communication for the room occupants.

Hotel Room Experience

  • Programmed automated personal greetings to the room’s occupants.
  • Upon entering a room curtains can open, music can play in the background if desired, and the climate control is switched on.
  • The occupants can then change the room setting and save their preferences for the entirety of their stay, after which all preferences revert to the default setting upon vacancy.
  • Direct communication such as a request for a room service or housekeeping delivers directly to the staff’s Smart devices.

IoT Energy Room Control’s Interactivity: Examples

  • A room’s en-suite bathroom could have an interactive mirror which functions as a display for news, weather, and messages. Through Bluetooth connection the occupants can also connect their devices to the mirror.
  • Wall surfaces can serve as voice and gesture controlled monitors that double as video-conferencing panels and even play slideshows of guests’ photos.
  • Electro-responsive fibers in pillows can monitor the occupant’s health factors such as blood pressure, sleep patterns, and stress levels. Music or lighting can be adjusted accordingly for optimal relaxation.

All of these incredible examples are possible with IoT Energy Smart Room Control with its localized microprocessor control which is a well-developed computing and communications device that uses the wireless connection to IoT Smart Sensors and enables a variety of local decisions regardless of the network status.

It’s programmable capability is handy in changing configurations for a particular room and even saves the preferences of each guest through the IoT Smart Memory. However, it could also create codes for control switches that require programming.

With its simplicity and low-cost installations, it can be designed for a standard wall and requires no external power as it installs easily on room walls or over existing junction boxes. Most importantly it’s easy operation and intuitive operating system helps the occupant control the light system or revert it back to a default set-up.

Reliably coexisting with Wi-Fi networks, it chooses appropriately low-traffic channels for tight network security but manages to consume low air-time consumption. Finally, IoT Room Control needs minimal maintenance with an expected battery life of more than seven years!