Smart Outdoor Light Sensor

Product - Smart Sensor 2Smart outdoor light sensor systems are the latest technology for protecting assets. This is an IP65 rated device that’s perfect for everything from parking structures to warehouse loading docks. The smart outdoor light sensor system incorporates a range of options in sensing, programmability and wireless communication. There is occupancy monitoring, autonomous control illumination levels and defining environmental conditions. Expect a superior delivery even during the worst weather conditions or in damp and wet locations.

A fully-integrated system based on microprocessor tech, the smart outdoor light sensor was engineered for easy mounting. The system is software driven, meaning it can be operated from any computer or personal device. The user can set light level schedules, behavior settings and preferences for any individual fixture. Profiles will be wirelessly uploaded into the sensor. The systems’s occupancy sensors provide digital infrared tech that uses photo sensors to gauge changes in the environment, minimizing false tripping of the system.

You will be able to utilize a multi-phototransistor, a device attached to a light pipe. It will transmit data of the “scene” in front of the sensor. This gives the system the capacity to review available daylight and adjust its light levels accordingly. This function decreases the possibility of glare or other elements interfering with security monitoring.

The smart outdoor light sensor is an effective and low cost option. As no wiring is required, installation doesn’t require professional handling. The system is a basic one-to-one sensor-per-fixture plan. It adheres to standard 802.15.4 wireless protocol, ensuring appropriate networking security. The wireless system transmits in bursts at low traffic frequencies at AES-28 encryption. It has dimming controls for standard 0-10V ballasts. It also uses drivers for fluorescent, LED, HID, plasma and induction fixtures, as well as for a range of relays. The system has manual and auto on/off capability.