Smart Indoor Light Sensor

AdobeStock_82190909The smart indoor light sensor has many features including localized control, software-driven platform, dual-technology occupancy/vacancy sensing, daylight harvesting photo-sensing, thermal sensing, motion grouping, full reporting functions, standard-based networking and security, light technology compatibility, and easy installation.

The height at which the outdoor light sensor is positioned directly correlates to the area size detectable by the sensor. For example, a sensor that is on a 12.5′ ceiling would be capable of a 10′ radius while another sensor on a 35′ ceiling would have a 20′ radius. Installing the sensors is painless since there is no above-ceiling wiring needed.

The motion sensors have customized, software-driven profiles that can be fine-tuned and analyzed, using ten different levels of sensitivity. The sensors also use photo-sensing, sensing periodic images to find discrepancies in the “scene” and help eliminate false tripping. When used in conjunction with a wireless room control device, the vacancy sensor provides an auto-off/manual-on function or even dim lights based on the time of day for Demand Response utility programs

The sensors are made to be installed on a 1/2″ LB conduit body and have a diameter of 3.5″. The sensors manufactured from a polycarbonate polymer which completely protects them from incoming dust and water. The sensors are connected using an accompanying 22″ CAT3 RJ-12 cable. The outdoor light sensors care available in white and bronze.