Blue Tooth Low Energy Beaconing

Smart Lighting Room Control
The Smart Lighting Room Control systems are components allowing preset functionality. The Smart Lighting Room Control system integrates with any standard wall wiring system currently set up in a commercial or residential facility. The connection integration requires no additional wiring beyond the standard wall or ceiling wiring system. The data is then wirelessly transmitted via a Bluetooth receiver.

Bluetooth Low Energy Beaconing (BLE)
The Bluetooth Low Energy Beaconing compact sensor features onboarding intelligence, flush mounting, and low-energy Bluetooth beaconing capabilities. The sensor monitors occupancy, daylight, and temperature and then transmits data via a low-energy Bluetooth connection. IoT Energy’s BLE technology delivers a Real-Time Location System that identifies assets within a designated space.

Smart Outdoor Light Sensors
The Ruggedized Sensor controls lighting applications in a commercial or residential facility by detecting fluctuations of factors such as occupancy, daylight, and temperature. The Ruggedized Sensor then wirelessly controls light levels according to user settings and preferences based on all of the collected data.

Smart Indoor Light Sensor
The Compact Smart Indoor Light Sensor monitors occupancy, daylight, and temperature and transmits that data via Bluetooth. This data encompases environmental conditions, illumination levels and occupancy monitoring in all of your monitoring solutions.

IoT Sensor Solutions
The Smart Sensor has functionality to monitor daylight and temperature according to user preferences. The Smart Sensor includes programmability and sensing needed to control illumination levels autonomously, as well as monitor occupancy environmental conditions. The sensor then transmits data to the network management system wirelessly.