Smart Lighting

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The best way to make the most out of what technology offers is to cut down energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

IoT Energy’s Smart Lighting System is a modern lighting system that businesses utilize to maximize energy savings in conjunction with delivering critical analytics and data for the customer. It is a complex, intelligent network-based lighting room control system that works by providing the correct amount of light where it is needed and when it is required. IoT Energy will deliver this solution based the time of day, occupancy, temperature and weather conditions, significantly reducing energy use- and loss- throughout the year.
This lighting system also helps increase occupant comfort since it can shift light intensity to increase visual comfort, which leads to a comfortable and productive visual environment. A recent behavioral study shows that improved lighting increases individual productivity levels.

Get Better Control

Simple, smart lighting systems allows businesses’ to control lighting in a room or area by setting lighting schedule by Chronological time (this feature allows you to decide which time of day you want your light fixtures on and off). You can also set it by Astronomical time and photocells (allows you to set your lighting fixtures to turn off at the time the sun rises and turn on by the time the sun sets).

IoT Energy’s advanced system allows much more robust features and can deliver granular data. IoT Energy’s system has a Daylight harvesting availability feature using photocells, a feature which allows your lighting fixture to dim depending on the availability of sunlight. Our system also includes alarm conditions incorporation, where your system can work with your alarm and other building alarms for improved fire and security protection.

Our system also features Occupancy controls, where a control device detects occupancy of space by people and turns the lights and HVAC system on or off automatically using infrared, ultrasonic, temperature, microwave, and microprocessing data technology.

And finally, the Program Logic, a feature that allows for the combination of controls and events. All of these in a few clicks on a remote cloud-based secure enterprise system.

Utmost Convenience

Saving energy used to be challenging and had requirements that sacrificed comfort for the sake of efficiency. IoT Energy revolutionizes lighting systems with smart lighting technologies. A small smart lighting room control system controls the light usage in any room or area of a building, helping save energy usage without the need to sacrifice comfort.

More Information
It’s time that you make use of what technology can offer us to save energy. Contact us to learn more about smart lighting system.