Real Time Location System – RTLS

What is Real Time Asset System (RTLS) and its importance in building an accurate, instant, and continually updated technology of interconnected devices and networks?

To start, without any connection to an individual building or person, communication is difficult. It would be hard to track a delivery truck full of a particular product without the help of real-time location technology, lessening the security and reliability of the delivery and hindering fast action and development.

IoT Energy provides the Real Time Asset Software or the Real Time Location System (RTLS) that is pivotal in a data center, hospital, distributed IT environment, supply chain, business sectors and other variety of industries. It ensures that time consuming and wasteful manual tracking processes replaced by a Smart Solution based entirely on the assets reporting their location independently. Self-powered wire-free technologies like active RFID asset tags create tremendous benefits for asset managers, capacity planners, financial officers and so forth by enabling their critical assets to report their presence and location continually, eliminating manual processes, reducing errors, increasing efficiency, and eliminating waste in the process.

Impact of Real-Time Asset Software (RTLS)


Many hospitals and clinics across the globe are bustling with patients and emergencies, and manually tracking a patient’s location is an everyday concern for most healthcare workers. Real Time Asset Software, lessens the workload by improving the efficiency and security of patient tracking. Delivery of better care is possible through the data provided by Real Time Asset Software (RTLS) such as real-time clinical workflow and enterprise efficiency solutions that help healthcare organizations enhance the patient experience, improve care team coordination, streamline operational workflows, and increase productivity and staff efficiency. Not only does this improve the overall healthcare experience for each patient, it reduces the cost of care delivery.

Manufacturing Industry

The world is dependent upon the manufacturing industries as they provide the necessities of everyday life, and some products that are even crucial to survival, such as the production of pharmaceuticals and their much-needed medicines. Driven operational efficiency and significant value in manufacturing flow are absolutely essential to these systems. Real Time Asset Software (RTLS) provides real-time location visibility and insights to streamline production, optimize your supply chain logistics, and lower operating costs by tracking equipment, parts, materials, personnel, and work-in-process, resulting in a smoother production flow and excellent performance, ensuring timely deliveries of manufactured products.

Retail and Business Sectors

The retail and business sectors are some of the busiest sectors in every city and are considered the cornerstone of economic growth as they create billions of jobs around the globe. Real Time Asset Software (RTLS) is critical to ensuring proper management and constant interaction, providing the best service to consumers and excellent production. Leverage location Smart Solution can be installed to achieve an all-in-one network channel for a better customer experience, gain accurate visibility into inventory, enhance shopper engagement, optimize supply chain and order management processes, minimize shrinkage, and drive more sales.

Various industries that are empowered by IoT Energy’s Real Time Asset Software (RTLS) aside from the three mentioned here above. All three are excellent examples of how Real Time Asset Software (RTLS) delivers comprehensible insights and intelligence to make objective, data-driven decisions for a smarter solution to many problems and issues. Real Time Asset Software (RTLS) also creates unprecedented visibility into the mobile assets, people, and processes that drive organizations with the efficient location tracking and analytics performances.