Energy Management System

As the world’s demographics change the rise in energy consumption is causing many issues, especially in the environmental sector, as  industrialized cities consume a majority of the available resources. Therefore the search for a technology that can decrease the cost of  energy and reduce the carbon footprint of many countries has finally been successful with the revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) Energy Management System provided by IoT Energy.

Features and Benefits of Energy Management System

  • Facility demands
    • A building with Energy Management System has embedded sensors and networking capability, allowing for fast data gathering and efficient automation and feedback, resulting in maintenance of appropriate humidity, fresh air, carbon dioxide levels, and so on.
  • Task & utility
    • Consumer-centric smart home devices can give people greater insights into how they are using energy, and how they can manage it. The smart meters use advanced analytics to perform the correct task and utilities for building occupants for the ultimate convenience of their stay.
  • Building maintenance
    • The Energy Management System includes optimization of energy consumption for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting, fire systems, and security systems, guaranteeing that energy is consumed only when required.
    • An advanced management system can also monitor the building conditions, equipment status, utility sub-metering, climatic data, and demand to limit that includes load scheduling and duty cycling.
    • Such a system can also focus on maintenance (remote operation and control of equipment, generation of maintenance schedules, and diagnosis of breakdowns), and record production (modification or replacement analysis, energy conservation documentation).
  • Energy savings and financial considerations
    • Everyday consumption can be expensive without proper regulation: as such, the IoT Energy’s Energy Management System uses simple installation process in existing retail lighting systems, retrofits or new constructions. It needs minimal time, effort, and human labor which results in fewer expenses than a conventional system.
    • Being cost effective, our system lowers lighting costs as the Energy Management System makes an immediate and dramatic impact on the IoT Energy sensor network which provides real-time actionable data. This real time feedback enables you to adjust store lighting, thereby achieving the lowest possible cost.
  • Customer experience & aesthetic goals.
    • The occupants of a building using our Energy Management System never feel compromised in comfort despite the minimization of energy consumption.  Comfort and proficiency analyses are performed by IoT Energy’s solution delivery through Energy Management System.
    • Lighting designs solutions within the installment process allow for lower cost and hassle-free construction.

The goal of IoT Energy’s Energy Management System is to provide an efficient energy consumption that would enable the collection of a variety of information and analytics from the devices.  IoT Energy will deliver data encompassing daily operations, configuration, energy consumption, and the power factor, ensuring a smooth performance despite the minimization of power consumption. The IoT Energy brings the Energy Management System to allow devices to make smart decisions based on logical rules that serve the purpose of the devices best. The devices can send, receive, store, and leverage information, sending the information individually to another device or broadcasting it to all devices.