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Given the complexity of business energy needs today, IoT Energy has designed our services to satisfy a wide variety of business environments. Case studies are available for all sectors from finance, education, industrial, technology, hospitality and more.


Smart Lighting

The future of lighting is here, and it has come a long way since LEDs and basic occupancy sensors. ‘Smart’ Sensor and IoT technology available today, used in conjunction with high-efficiency fixtures, has drastically reduced the energy required to power commercial real estate. Our partner, Enlighted Inc, has created the smartest sensor available on the market today.

Enlighted Smart Sensor
Enlighted smart sensors are geared to be installed at every light fixture in a facility. They are compatible with most lamp types including LEDs, fluorescent, and incandescents. The sensors collect occupancy, temperature, ambient light (daylight harvesting), and energy consumption data. Based off of this data, each light can task tune to light levels necessary to meet individual room illumination requirements. All of this information is sent wirelessly to the Enlighted Gateway.

Enlighted Gateway
The gateway collects information from Enlighted Smart Sensors wirelessly over a secure network. Each gateway can collect information per floor or approximately 250 smart sensors. The Enlighted Gateway then sends data collected from each sensor to the Enlighted Energy Manager.

Enlighted Compact Sensor
The enlighted Compact Sensor for indoor applications is small enough to blend into work environments, but robust enough to provide a full range of granular data analytics essential to energy conservation and business operations.
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Enlighted Ruggedized Sensor
The Enlighted Ruggedized Sensor for outdoor applications (IP65 rated), provides all of the same dense analytical capabilities as the Enlighted Compact Sensor: occupancy, ambient light (daylight harvesting), temperature, and task tuning capabilities, while meeting design and functionality requirements to withstand an outdoor environment.
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Enlighted Room Control
The Enlighted Room Control’s wall mount switch provides manual override of the Enlighted system’s predetermined lighting control. It provides on-off, dimming, and selection of up to six preset scenes. For example, you can set light levels in a particular area for presentations or certain times of day, and save those as ‘scenes’, and control them via Enlighted Room Control wall mount switch.
Enlighted’s Two Wire compact sensor has all of the same capabilities of the Compact and Ruggedized sensor, but also incorporates Digital PIR and Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 (BLE) technology for beaconing.
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