Recycling and Environment

Sustainability is one of the core values of IoT Energy, therefore IoT Energy events actively explore ways to decrease our ecological footprint with environmentally responsible practices. Environmental stewardship involves managing sustainable solutions such as recycling and has been integrated into various aspects of production, including favoring recycled materials in venue props and collaborating with like-minded companies.

Recycling and environment

The world is full of reusable material that hasn’t been put to use. In order to give new life to disposed products and materials, this year IoT Energy is using thousands of kilograms of “waste” electrical and electronic equipment and other reusable items. Many props in our event venue have been built from old washing machines, old computer parts and circuit boards. By using recycled materials as a part of event production, IoT Energy hopes to help others see these materials as a resource rather than a throwaway commodity. By enhancing recycling practices IoT Energy strives to set a good example in the industry for how large-scale productions can be executed in a manner in which sustainability is one of the key drivers. Get to know the partners behind the production and find out more about the sustainability at IoT Energy.

Environmental management through the Internet of Things

IoT Energy’s technologies, such as machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, are already being used to improve the environment. Example include rubbish collection, oil recycling, light bulb recycling, reduction of CO2 emissions, control of noise pollution, wastewater management, and even removal of cooking grease in restaurants.

Stop Consumerism: Recycling and environment

For a more sustainable environment, we need to transform the consumer society into a more efficient recycling society. In cooperation with our customers IoT Energy is working on reducing waste volumes, extending the useful lives of properties, recovering materials and decreasing the use of raw materials and energy. The IoT event is a great place to get inspired, meet interesting startups and find new cooperation opportunities. We are especially interested in companies and ideas that can help enhance the material and energy efficiency of our customers.

Internet of Things in Recycling and environment

IoT Energy is a leading global provider of smart sensors and analytics-based logistics optimization solutions for the waste management and recycling industry. We provide easy-to-implement services to help commercial waste management companies and public organizations automate their waste collection operations whilst saving money, increasing service levels and reducing emissions. Over the years IoT Energy has become a company that has increased the general awareness of environmentally responsible practices by promoting recycling for a more sustainable environment.

By streamlining and optimizing your commerce, service, logistics, billing, and customer engagement activities IoT Energy offers improved solutions for waste and environmental services. IoT Energy’s software enables utilities companies to meet critical business, technical, and personnel-related requirements cost-effectively. With IoT Energy you can offer better, more affordable waste disposal services than the competition.