Financing Partners

IoT Energy is dedicated and relentless in its pursuit of serving the clients’ needs for technological advancement and Internet of Things innovations. There are a variety of Installations and Equipment upgrades that will be necessary in order to follow the future path towards global interconnectivity, reliable and easy networking, and stable transmission of real-time information and big data. Without the IoT Energy’s Smart Solutions and Products these advances would be much more difficult to incorporate into your home or business. Therefore, Financing Partners is also a necessity to make all these technological dreams a reality.

IoT Energy Financial Partners and Financial Management System

IoT Energy is financial partners with other corporations, industries, and companies (listed below) in order to provide you with exceptionally steady service and an unparalleled financial management system.

  • Graybar Financing
    • An energy-efficient (EE) lease from Graybar Financial Services can help finance everything from lighting retrofits and building controls to HVAC systems and solar projects. Whether you are looking to overcome budget constraints, conserve working capital or create positive cash flow, Graybar Financial Services is here to help. Utilize financing to show how your EE project can pay for itself from day one!
  • Awaken
    • Offers Shared Savings Funding offering to awaken ‘shares’ a portion of the energy and maintenance cost savings projected from the LED lighting, as full payment for the complete LED retrofit project. Typically, the fixed monthly payment is 75% of the savings, for 5 years – and the savings are insured and guaranteed.
    • Because PACE assessments represent financing that, in the instance of default, constitutes a senior lien on the property, an important part of the program is “lender acknowledgement” or “consent,” which means obtaining approval for a PACE assessment from any holders of mortgages on the property

Win More by Saving More

During the term as financial partners of IoT Energy, the client retains a portion of the savings generated from the LED Lighting, typically 25% – thereafter 100% of the savings are entirely for the customer to keep. This translates to a reduction of lighting costs from day one.

With such high-profile, reputable partners, IoT Energy is conscientious and decisively reliable as your financing partner. Therefore, IoT Energy is offering and reaching out a hand for business, small or large scale corporations, and even residential endeavors, with a chance for financial partnership within certain scope and areas, and of course with clearly stated responsibility and liability between both parties. Being financing partners with IoT Energy is a mutually beneficial choice given the company’s honesty, integrity, and drive in creating Smart cities, Smart homes, and eventually, Smart countries.