Equipment Warranties

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Equipment Warranties

AdobeStock_82190909IoT Energy stands behind every product that we release so we offer equipment warranties within certain conditions. Below is a list of equipment under equipment warranties, including the Enlighted products.

Warranty Terms. Subject to and in accordance with these Equipment Warranties include of the Enlighted, Inc. products and IoT Energy Company, warrants solely to the person or entity that has purchased new, unused IoT Energy and Enlighted branded hardware equipment either from ENL, IoT Energy Company or an authorized reseller that such purchased equipment (1) is, at the time of delivery to Customer, free of material defects in workmanship or material, and (2) for a period of Five (5) years from the time of delivery, conform to IoT Energy and IoT Energy and ENL’s applicable specifications for such Equipment when stored, installed, operated, maintained in accordance with any accompanying documentation and recommendations of both IoT Energy and ENL when used under proper and normal use. Equipment excludes (a) any software, including software included in any purchased products or provided with any purchased products and (b) any products that are not of the company brand.

Warranty Remedy. If any Equipment doesn’t conform to or is defective under the Equipment Limited Warranty during the Equipment Warranty Period, it will be the sole responsibility for ENL and IoT Energy, within a reasonable time, to repair or replace the Nonconforming Equipment, provided that Customer (a) provides written notice of a covered, reproducible defect identifying the applicable Equipment during the Equipment Warranty Period promptly upon discovery thereof; (b) returns all applicable Products with Nonconforming Equipment to IoT Energy and ENL promptly after such pursuant to IoT Energy and ENL’s RMA process described in Section 4; and (c) has paid in full all amounts it owes ENL or IoT Energy.

Exclusions. (a) any Equipment in other than its original condition; (b) any nonconformance or defect of any Equipment caused by any modifications or alterations made to, or maintenance performed on, any Equipment by Customer or any third party; (c) any nonconformance or defect of any Equipment caused by third party software, hardware, equipment, or products used with, installed on, or accompanying the Equipment; (d) any Equipment that IoT Energy ENL reasonably determines has, by Customer or otherwise, been subjected to operating or environmental conditions in excess of limits established by the application specifications or documentation, or otherwise has been subjected to accident, mishandling or abuse, damage, misuse, neglect or alteration, or improper or unauthorized installation, maintenance or calamities.

Suppliers. The limitations HEREIN shall also apply in favor of IoT Energy and ENL’s suppliers.