Project and Equipment Financing

Ready for the IoT Evolution, but worried about finances?

IoT Energy is a company dedicated in bringing the wonders of IoT innovative technologies closer to people, so we are absolutely ready to be of assistance with regards to project and equipment financing. At first, conceptualizing the IoT technology innovation and revolution can be daunting: the current infrastructures and equipment needs several advancements or maybe even an entire make-over, as new items must be purchased in order for the IoT Energy’s Smart Solutions to work smoothly. It is normal — and encouraged!– to ask some questions, especially when the initial expense is worth it.

AdobeStock_80435789IoT Energy offers Project and Equipment Financing because it believes in the success and the reality of IoT Smart Solutions and Products. It has been proven time and time again that IoT technology can be cost-effective by limiting energy consumption without the compromise of comfort and quality services.

IoT Energy solutions are also incredibly useful in the management and maintenance of various structures and infrastructures, as the Smart Sensors and Smart Meters that can transmit real-time information about the current condition of certain buildings, utilities, and other company sites. There is no need, with these advancements, for routine maintenance visits that consume time and resources. With IoT Energy you can also prevent the unnecessary replacement of equipment that is effectively and safely functioning.


IoT Energy Project and Equipment Financing

With its numerous affiliates and networks, IoT Energy can be pivotal in bringing you closer to grand innovations and technological advancements.

Project Financing and Installations with Equipment Financing and Upgrades

  1. Government, Non-Profit, and Small Business Facilities PSE&G Direct Install Program
  • Lighting Retrofits (including sensors and controls)
  • Motors
  • HVAC
  • Site-specific custom projects
  1. New Jersey Smart Start Building Program
  • new construction
  • existing building renovations
  • site-specific equipment upgrades
  1. Direct Install Program for New Jersey Clean Energy
  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Motors
  • Natural Gas
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  1. New York Con Ed Small Business Direct Installation Program
  • energy-saving lighting
  • refrigeration equipment
  1. Long Island’s PSEG Commercial Efficiency Program
  • lighting, compressed air
  • kitchen equipment, variable frequency drives
  • HVAC equipment
  1. Energy and the Connecticut Small Business Energy Advantage Program upgrade
  • typical energy-efficient upgrades such as:
    • Lighting – interior/exterior
      • Smart Lighting
      • IoT Sensors
      • Smart Indoor Light Sensor
      • IoT Energy Management and Analytics
      • Smart Outdoor Light Sensor

IoT Energy understands your financial concerns regarding installations and equipment, and aims to help you with our Project and Equipment Financing service. Together we can ease your financial burdens and pave the way to the future!