Rebate Incentives

With over 600 installations on our resume and six years of experience in supporting the structure and implementation of various state and utility rebate programs, IoT Energy is ready to assist your company with your specific energy and financial needs. Thus, we want to help you with a variety of aspects of rebate incentives!

Companies use disparate systems to execute different tasks. Similarly, different teams within a company have different touchpoints with the same prospect, customer, or opportunity. Getting a holistic view of rebate incentives is important from an operational and strategic perspective. Working in silos has far-reaching implications in today’s digital world, more than ever did before. Furthermore, for companies that rely on channel sales managing such aspects as sales attainment, partner performance and sales funnel in an accurate and timely fashion is a huge challenge.

Work with Us

You don’t need a professional audit of your sites to know your equipment and processes are not as energy efficient as they could be. Your projects may be eligible for utility rebates and incentives, but you don’t know where to begin the process. Unclaimed rebates are lost opportunities.

By having internet-connected devices and wireless sensor networks increasing the availability of real-time utility data building owners and facility managers are fully armed to optimize their building efficiency. By storing this data in the cloud it can be easily and securely accessed from anywhere. Imagine knowing exactly when a pipe burst so you can shut off the water to the building or being able to adjust the schedule of your HVAC system to align better with occupancy schedules.

Improving Your Business. Navigating the rebate and incentive process can be complex for organizations. IoT Energy has experts who can provide you with terrific and, of course, smart solutions to identify and process rebate incentives for clients across the globe, reaching well beyond the United States and Canada. This full-service program provides support for new construction, remodels, retrofit and capital maintenance projects.

Why Choose IoT Energy?

  • Research and capture rebate and incentive dollars for clients’ projects as part of our Rebate Incentives Manager Service
  • Access to various programs nationwide and worldwide
  • Coordination of the project process between the client, vendors, and utilities

IoT Energy has a team of experts who know how to focus on your program objectives, ensuring your projects are carried out accurately and efficiently. We are passionate about developing and implementing sustainable, financially sound solutions for you to fully take advantage of rebate incentives available for users of smart products and solutions. We strive to provide the best solutions for your enterprise.