IoT Energy is founded on the ultimate goal of serving our customers. Therefore we have a team of experts who are flexible, knowledgeable, and ready to help you with Smart Solutions using Smart Products!

Innovation is the way of the future. It is impossible to keep up with the changing times without modern technology. With the Internet of Things (IoT) you can take charge of your business efficiently, without wasting of time, effort, or money. The team at IoT Energy is here to ensure that you will enjoy only the best service when it comes to the installation and upgrades of the Smart Solutions and Products, allowing you to experience excellent performance at your utmost convenience.


IoT Energy is attentive to the needs of our clients. We ensure our customers get a hassle-free installation of technology, elite customer service and implementation of the Internet of Things. IoT Energy performs the installation of LED lighting fixtures; advanced sensor controls, commissioning, and task tuning, creating a foundation that is stable and therefore reliable. After all, the Smart Solutions and Products of IoT Energy is dependent on each building’s fully integrated system to ensure smooth operations of Smart products. IoT Energy ensures that the automation of communication and lighting control systems are fully functioning and reliable in cloud-based networking.

IoT Energy uses cloud-based applications including high-grade DLC approved LED lighting systems, and other innovative commissioning tools. Our electricians can locate wireless devices throughout the Smart building, reasonably connecting the controller to switches and sensors, and configure settings in the controller over the cloud system completely without physical access, which is cost-effective and less time-consuming.


Installation or retrofitting of lighting products and implementation of the Internet of Things on new buildings is easier than upgrading an obsolete building. However, our team is ready to face the challenges of making old things as good as new, with better integration and networking. After all, it is wasteful to demolish old structures and establishments just for the sake of newer technology. Therefore Smart Products can be integrated into luminaires during original manufacture or wired in as a retrofit component. For instance, Smart Room Control of IoT Energy–which you can use to control lighting consumption– can integrate into any LED fixture, and the lighting retrofit will be immediately functional.


Our team knows that one of the worries of our clients is the financing for new technologies within the Internet of Things IoT space. Our assessment will prove a positive ROI that is based on pure energy efficiency, supplemented by productivity, tax incentive, and available rebates. IoT Energy can ensure that all bases are covered to maximize savings and efficiencies. We have several partners who are willing to lend a hand and process your finances for the duration of the project. The team at IoT Energy is able to serve as an intermediary with our affiliates and networks for fair and secure financing negotiations.

IoT is worth it! The IoT and the data from connected devices are transforming the way that companies and customers interact, with benefits for all involved. With IoT working for you product developers can create higher performing valuable products, based on client needs. Marketers can build better, longlasting relationships with their customers, based on a data-driven understanding of customer behavior. And customers can get more personalized service and products while keeping their sensitive information private.