About IoT Energy

IoT Energy delivers custom strategies for retrofitting or replacing existing light fixtures and installing advanced sensors that will make your facility’s lighting system more efficient while providing critical energy-use data for your organization. Once an energy efficiency plan is in place our consultants will leverage modern technology engaging your existing lighting with new LED fixtures and sensors. This innovative solution collects and generates data analytics specific to your business needs.

Over time you can expect these projects to pay for themselves, and to provide positive cash flow for years to come. For further savings we work directly with state utility rebate programs to cover as much as 75% of efficiency project costs.

From providing the initial energy assessment and generating the proposal to completing the installation, IoT energy is fully turn-key. IoT Energy also oversees equipment maintenance, warranties, enterprise software strategy, and design for long-term efficiency plans.

What is IoT and how will it benefit your business?

IOT, known as the Internet of Things, involves connecting inanimate everyday objects to the internet. By connecting these objects to a network and allowing them to communicate with each other and with you, you are better able to understand and maintain aspects of an overall environment. For example, imagine if your refrigerator could tell you when you are running low on eggs, or if your milk was going to go bad on a specific date.  This technology allows customers to plan better for the future and to organize their daily tasks and operations, thus increasing productivity while minimizing wasted time and energy.

Here at IoT Energy we take the same idea of connectivity and use it to maximize your facility’s energy performance, and to collect data analytics tailored to your unique business needs. IoT Energy installs and deploys ‘Smart Sensors,’ powered by our partner Enlighted Inc, scoped to install at every light fixture in your facility. These sensors collect an array of information including occupancy, temperature, and ambient light (daylight harvesting) data. With these delivery analytics building owners and clients have the ability to task-tune light levels and HVAC settings to use only the necessary amount of energy to create a comfortable and productive environment for employees. Additionally, these sensors can employ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for employees and asset-tracking.