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The best way to make the most out of what technology offers to cut down energy costs without sacrificing comfort.
Our Smart Lighting System is a modern lighting system that every home and business should have to maximize energy savings. It is a complicated, intelligent network based lighting room control system that works, basically, by providing the right amount of light where it is needed and when it is needed – by time of day, season, and weather conditions, significantly reducing energy use- and loss- throughout the year.

In the heart of any city is an incredibly busy world, full of responsibilities and non-stop work. Imagine then, how much chaos would ensue, if the building housing thousands of employees and important business is not properly managed? Definitely a nightmare! That’s why, smart buildings are now the way of the future.

The Energy Manager serves as the web-based user interface of the Enlighted smart sensor system network. Here users can commision and adjust light levels throughout their facility based on occupancy, temperature, and ambient light data collected to achieve maximum energy savings and optimum occupant comfort.

Sustainability is one of the core values of IoT Energy and therefore IoT Energy actively explores ways to decrease the ecological footprint of the event by recycling and environment. The aspect of recycling and environment is about the environmental sustainability and has been integrated into various aspects of the event production, such as favoring recycled materials in venue props and collaborating with like-minded companies.

IoT Energy is a leading provider of Smart products, Smart Solutions, and the devices of Internet of Things in order to make the lives of our client more convenient and productive. Internet of Things paves the way for a smart management, but its greatest impact would be in the Energy Industry. With the dwindling energy resources, it is now time to take action and embrace a smarter solutions for energy consumption and efficiency. IoT Energy provides you a service of energy analysis reporting which is possible with the use of the Internet of Things.

If you’re searching for the perfect smart HVAC that would offer a superb service, then IoT Energy’s Smart HVAC Software Integration is definitely for you!

There are numerous smart HVAC in the market, making it difficult to find what is right for you, and easy for mediocre services to present itself as high-quality smart service. Thus, IoT Energy is here to make sure that you would only get the best, a Smart HVAC software integration that incorporate the various aspects of your business effortlessly, including transmission and handling of channels, programming and remittance.

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